3-Dimensional drawings: we give you an accurate representantion of your exhibit booth before the trade show to give you an idea how everything will look and to get a feel for the space that will be available to you at the show.

Quick quotes: once our services our requested, we respond within 5 business days with an exhibit booth layout as well as an accurate price quote for the job.

Handling/Packing/Shipping: we are more than happy to accept your product/literature at our facility well before the show date and pack and ship it for you. By doing this it eliminates you having to know when the convention center will be accepting packages from exhibitors, we take care of it. You can rest assured that your products/literature will not be damaged due to our rugged crate system we use for shipping.

Forms: we will gladly handle the plant, furniture, food, and electrical ordering forms for your tradeshow exhibition.

Logo conversion: your business benefits by having clean large images that can easily be seen by attendees. By converting your logo we are able to print it at any size without any distortion.

Graphics: by sending us high res images, we are able to handle your graphic representational needs. Allowing us to oversee the printing of your backlits and other graphics is a great benefit to you because it enables us to have full quality control over what is printed and that it will fit in our wall system. They'll also be shipped from our facility in our rugged crate system to guarantee they arrive to the show safely.

What we do

  • Design

  • Pack

  • Ship

  • Set Up

  • Clean

  • Dismantle

  • Return

  • Store



Our goal is to provide the customer with the highest level of service and to create an attractive exhibit program that does not compete with the people inside it. For 30 years we have enabled our customers to be comfortable selling their product/services by eliminating as many stresses as possible.

Attend the show, sell, and leave the rest to us.